Caught Not Taught

Has your child ever said or done something that had you thinking, "Omg that is so me!"

One of the most powerful things we can do as parents is take inventory of our actions, responses, patterns and habits. 

Truth is actions speak louder than words and it especially applies to parenting and how our children are shaped.

What we model is caught way more than anything that has been taught.

What does this look like in every day life?

  1. Your children are always late getting ready for school.
  2. Question to ask yourself: Do I tpically run late?  Have I modeled what a calm peaceful morning routine looks like?
  3. Your child isn't motivated or driven.
  4. Question to ask youself:  Have I modeled what motivation and drive look like?
  5. Your child has a hard time making mistakes.
  6. Question to ask yourself: How do I handle mistakes?  Do I get down on myself?

Truth is we can preach all day long but our words must match our actions.

This week I encourage you to take inventory and examine your actions, responses, patterns and habits.  Are they a reflection of what you teach?



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