Comparison, The Thief of All Joy!

Your best friend gets a new car but not just any car, it’s your dream car causing you to feel not good enough.  You mindlessly scroll through social media and see the most amazing pictures of somebody on the most amazing dream vacay.  You think to yourself ugh, lucky I want to go on a vacation like that.  You see somebody celebrating a life changing new job and think to yourself gosh my job sucks!  You see another mom friend post on social media how incredible their child is show casing all the awards and “accomplishments” their child has achieved.  This leaves you feeling like a failure because your child is in a season of struggle.  You watch your neighbors from your window out and about walking joyously around the neighborhood while you are stuck inside not feeling well, longing for connection and fresh air.


Comparison!  Comparison robs us from joy, takes away our happiness, leaves us feeling unworthy, not good enough and the list goes on.  Comparison traps us and paralyzes us from pursing our dreams and living the abundant life we were created to live.


Comparison is sneaky tricking us into “thinking” we are lacking in some way and will not be happy until _______ you fill in the blank.  It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of comparison unless you are consciously aware that you are about to do it!  This week I encourage you to stop dead in your tracks before you dive into that deep dark hole of comparison.



  • Trade comparison for celebration!  What do I mean by this?  When you see something good or exciting happen for somebody else celebrate with them!   Literally say to yourself or out loud , “Wow that is so amazing, I am so excited for them.”
  • Envision yourself having that same experience.
  • Manifest your OWN dreams instead of living through somebody else's.


When we stop comparing and start celebrating we allow positive energy to flow in, creating space in our own lives for abundance, joy, happiness, success and whatever else your lil heart desires!




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