Drop Expectations & Create Opportunities for Connection

One of the biggest causes of our pain and suffering comes from unmet expectations. 

Definition of expectation:  A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

What expectations do you have?

  • Expectations of how the week “should” go? 
  • Expectations of other people and what they “should” or “shouldn’t” do? 
  • Expectations that your kids “should” behave a certain way? 
  • Expectations that your partner “should" do something for you? 
  • Expectation that your best friend will call or stop by just to say hi?
  • Expectation that your boss praises you for the amazing job you’re doing?

Things rarely ever go as expected because, um well, life.  The problem with expectations is that we quickly become attached to them.  So when our expectations are not met, we get upset!  We get upset because our belief in what we thought would happen fails to become a reality.

What if you approached things differently?

  • What if you learned to go with the rhythm, learning to adjust when life happens?
  • What if when people don't do what you think they should or shouldn’t you don't take it personally?  Instead ask yourself how you could have co created the situation and what could be done differently next time.
  • What if when your kids behave a certain way, you look beneath the behavior to see the need, and then meet them there?
  • What if when your partner forgets to do something you show them grace?
  • What if when your friend forgets to call or stop by, you don't get mad and instead call them or surprise them with a visit?
  • What if when your boss doesn’t praise you for the job you are doing, you look inward to find validation and worthiness?

This week, I encourage you to shed expectations and live life in rhythm!


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