How to Attract the Right Relationships

Some people spend their whole life trying to find the right partner, have the perfect child, find the right friends, wishing they had a certain type of family etc.  Here’s the deal—when we focus all of our energy and attention on the “search” for these types of relationships, we all too often get deeply disappointed when the relationships don't turn out as expected. And importantly, we miss out on us becoming the”right” partner, mother, friend, daughter, sister.

You see, when we shift our focus, energy and attention on loving and healing ourselves, the right relationships flow into our life. 

True healing prevents us from seeking out relationships that just act like a bandaid to our unhealed inner wounds.

Ever hear that saying, “Your vibe attracts your tribe”?  If you are not attracting the “tribe” you dreamed of, look within and spend some more time healing and loving yourself.

When we heal and love ourselves first, this is what happens:

  • We release the need to control others.

  • We trust.

  • We give space for others to be their own selves.

  • We create calm communication.

  • We support others’ happiness.

  • We create strong unions.

So here’s to loving and healing ourselves first, so that we attract the most beautiful relationships into our life!


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