How to Navigate Major Decisions

At some point or another, we all find ourselves at a crossroad where we are faced with a decision. Perhaps a decision that will most likely change the trajectory of your life journey. 

It’s common to feel an urgency to make the decision NOW.  But making a decision when we are clear on what to do makes the journey much more peaceful—would you agree?

But why does the decision process always seem so challenging and confusing?  One word: FEAR.  Fear clouds our vision and can create this internal emotional tug of war.  It is fear that often urges us to rush into decisions, and it is also fear that paralyzes us from making any decision at all.

Finding clarity can come when we SIT and SEEK. Sitting and seeking will:

+ Give you the gift of weighing the pros and cons.

+ Allow you recognize any judgements, expectations or perceptions.

+ Allow you to become of aware of patterns and beliefs.

+ Allow you to have rational/healthy thoughts.

Ultimately this process guides you to a clear decision.

Maybe you are thinking, “But what if I am still not clear?”  Keep sitting and seeking. When the time is right you will have clarity. 

As Dr. Shefali says, “There is wisdom in doing things when the time is right.”


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