Making the choice to stay, change, or leave

How do you feel when facing challenging situations or relationships? Empowered or powerless?

There are always three paths forward... STAY, CHANGE or LEAVE.


When we choose to stay in a situation/relationship, we are choosing to accept what is. When you stay, I challenge you to ask yourself: Why am I staying?  Am I staying because it’s more comfortable to stay?  Am I staying because this is what I know is best?  Am I staying because I don't want to hurt the other, but I know staying is not the healthiest?

Sometimes staying is the best choice, but we should always challenge our choices to make sure we are not making them based on patterned behavior, fear of the unknown, or for the sake of being comfortable.


When we choose change, it is because we are aware that something is not working.  It could be that unhealthy patterns have been created.  It could be unhealthy communication that needs to change. Change in a situation can be wonderful and bring about unexpected growth and blessings.  Change in a relationship requires ALL parties to make the change.


When we choose to leave, it is because we recognize the current situation/relationship is toxic or no longer serves us due to unhealthy patterns, unhealthy communication etc.  Choosing to leave can be very challenging because it creates a temporary disruption in our life or we may have to grieve what once was.  I know from personal experience that sometimes making the choice to leave is the only thing that will keep your soul alive.

Here’s the deal—sometimes when faced with a challenging situation/relationship, we may try all three: staying, changing and ultimately leaving.  Regardless of what you choose, the important thing is to process WHY you are making the particular choice and confirming that your choice is backed up by truth and logic—rather than solely emotion and feelings.

Is there something in your life that you need to accept, change or leave behind?


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