R-E-S-T (we need it!)

Ever feel worn out? Exhausted? Drained?

You may be thinking, “Is this a trick question?” because who doesn't feel this way? I asked this question because some people are so busy, constantly in “doing” mode that me asking this question may be the first time in a long time they even recognized just how much they need rest.

The question shouldn’t be, “Do you ever feel worn out, exhausted or drained?”… The question should be, “Do you listen to the needs of your body, mind and soul, and actually rest?”

Most people are desperate for rest, but as the saying goes, “keep on moving along.”  After all who has time to slow down or rest?  What if I told you your life and overall well-being depends on it?

Here are some little known benefits of daily rest and relaxation:

  •  Reduced stress and anxiety

  •  Improved mood

  •  Decreased blood pressure

  •  Chronic pain relief

  •  Improved immune health

  •  Stronger cardiovascular system

I mean, just reading the above list make me be like, “sign me up for a nap!”

I get that there is so much to get done, but can I let you in on a little secret? There will ALWAYS be so MUCH to get done. Your never-ending todo list doesn’t end.

You can either go through life on empty and quite literally go nowhere, OR fill yourself up through R-E-S-T.

Realign &


Stillness &


One of my biggest hopes is that you take care of you.


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