Reminder! You Are Greater than Your Fears

A new week means another opportunity to be courageous and transform our FEARS into FREEDOM!  I want to encourage you with some food for thought and practical tools from Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s book, The Awakened Family.

“When fear is gently removed from the driver's seat and befriended, we learn to integrate it into our life rather than either blindly following its lead or pretending it doesn't exist.  As we allow it into our awareness, it naturally quietens.  Using an approach of “yes and,” we  allow it to exist without it stopping us dead in our tracks.

  • Yes, I am afraid to visit that new place, and I can find ways to feel safe.
  • Yes, I am afraid to speak at the meeting, and I can find ways to prepare.
  • Yes, I am afraid to confront my friend, and I can always find ways to connect.

Accepting that fear is an inevitable aspect of the human experience allows us to avoid getting stuck in it.  Then we repurpose it so that we live more compassionately toward ourselves and others.” —Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Allowing fear into our awareness is the first step to overcoming and quieting it. 

What in your life can you apply the “yes and” approach to?  Here are a few that come up for me:

  • Yes, I am afraid of not knowing what the future will bring, and I can gently remind myself to live only in the present moment.
  • Yes, virtual learning can be overwhelming, and I will take it one step at a time.
  • Yes, I am feeling stretched beyond my comfort level, and I will remind myself I have everything I need.

Right now, I invite you to write down some “yes and” statements that come up for you.  Use sticky notes, and put them on your bathroom mirror or some place you will be reminded daily that you are greater than your fear.


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