Sis, that reaction of yours is a pattern—and it can be changed!

We all go through life unconsciously reacting to our outer environment.  In other words, we go through life not really “thinking” before we act.

Have you ever been in a situation where you said or did something that you weren’t very happy about?  Perhaps afterwards you even thought to yourself, “What was I thinking?”

The truth is… you likely didn’t think, rather you reacted from an unconscious emotional place.

Why do we react instead of think first?  The answer is… it’s a pattern!

Typically during ages 0-7 years, our deeply ingrained thoughts and beliefs are created. They are based on the culture, religion and environment from which we grew up in.  Our thoughts and beliefs have become so deeply ingrained that we unconsciously create patterns.

It looks like this:

Person A: “Do you think you could fix xyz?”

You: “What’s wrong with how I did it?”

Person A: “It’s just more effective if it’s done this way.”

You: …get’s defensive and emotionally reacts.

What are the root of this reaction?

It could be feelings and thoughts of not being good enough.  Maybe you grew up in a culture or home environment that constantly made you feel not good enough.  Now in adulthood, you unconsciously emotionally react whenever your deeply rooted belief that you are not good enough gets triggered.

Here’s the deal—so much of the things in our life that we want to change CAN be changed. How? I’m glad you asked!

  • Becoming aware of the pattern
  • Shedding your belief
  • Healing unhealed wounds
  • Consciously re-writing your thoughts and beliefs

This is how I help people heal. Together, we break the pattern and watch more peace flow into your life.


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