What Does 'Flow' Look Like in Your Life?

What feelings arise when you hear the word “change”?

For some people, it brings up feelings of resistance.  For others, it may bring up feelings of sadness or anger.  Rarely do we get super excited when things change in our life, unless it makes life better or benefits our ego.

It's when undesirable changes occur that we fight for what was instead of FLOWING with change.  We tend to prefer to be comfortable in the familiarity of where we are than to allow change to naturally flow into our lives.

When I was completing Dr. Shefali’s conscious parenting certification program, she used an analogy for what “flow” in our life looks like. It made a profound imprint for me, and I always revert back to when I am feeling stagnant or resistant.

You can think about flowing with change like this…

A river is in continuous flow.  When the water in a river comes to a boulder, branch, tree, or anything else in its path—the river does not stop.  Instead the river flows AROUND it without resistance, only momentum.  The river is in constant flow and always finds its way to the ocean.

Here’s the deal—experiencing change is inevitable.  My question to you is: Will you practice flowing with change and finding new paths around the blocks, or will you resist?

Just like a river, if you don’t learn to flow with change, you won’t make it to the abundance of the ocean.


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