Why We Stop Loving Ourselves

“Everything starts with loving yourself.  Love yourself enough to take your dreams seriously.  Love yourself enough to make mistakes and keep going.  Love yourself enough that you know you matter, that your voice matters, that you are worthy of what you most want.  Love yourself enough that you are your own fiercest advocate.  Love yourself so much that nobody in this world can define you.  Love yourself so well, others have to rise to your level.  Love  yourself so well, others have a standard they have to meet.  Love yourself so much that you become an open, fertile space for what's meant for you to come right in.” — Jamie Varon

Ummm, ok, mic drop!  This quote is EVERYTHING!  If this quote didn't make you think, “yes yes yes” while reading it, then read it again sis!  Read it until it seeps into every fiber of your being!

Or maybe it sounds amazing to you and is how you deeply desire to see yourself, but there there’s a block.  What’s this block about?

Think about yourself as a little girl, toddler age.  That little girl probably:

  • Marveled at the image of herself in the mirror with CURIOSITY and LOVE.

  • Had DREAMS with no limits!  Your mind told you, you could be or do ANYTHING!

  • Had fun and laughed with NO CARE in the world.

  • DANCED like nobody was watching!

  • Saw the world in wonder!


  • The world told you what beauty was—and if it was different than who you were, you started to change the little girl you once saw in the mirror.
  • The world told you your dreams were too big or would never work.
  • The world told you to be quiet, you’re having to much fun shhhhh.
  • The world told you dancing was only for the dance floor.
  • The world became a place in which you saw so much was wrong.

Here's the deal—your little toddler self never had to “learn” how to love herself. She already did that! But when the words of the world became her inner voice, she looked to the world for affirmation and worth.

The concept of self love gets thrown around a lot, but how do you really love yourself?  How do have self love?

Welp, you become aware of the voices of the world and begin to shut them out and replace them with the voice of your toddler self who loved herself just the way she was… fearlessly and wonderfully made.

Love ya sis, you are a true beauty inside and out. Love yo self!


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